Christopher Albert and Matthew Slaats bring you into the world of visual art and culture in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond. An intermittently produced podcast featuring interviews with artists and curators and featuring sound works.


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This weeks episode is the beginning of a two week series covering the Media in the Community Talk that took place on April 20th at the Cunneen Hacket Theatre in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The event brought together artists, academic, writers and educators for what is hoped to be the first of a series of community conversations about the role art and media play in the Hudson Valley and how we can foster new possibilities for thinking about these endeavors.

Three of the speakers from last week, Karen Michel, Edward Summers and Leonard Nevarez, specifically addressed the ways in which culture plays an important role in creating identity and being a stimulator in the development of our local communities.   These conversations serve as a focal point for our conversation tonight with Christopher and Matthew chiming in with their thoughts.

Grab a drink, Sit back and Enjoy!!!!!

Here is some further information about the speakers and the points they made throughout their talks.

Kare Michel

Karen Michel is a broadcast radio journalist, performer, and educator. Her work is heard on numerous radio programs, many accessible at npr and floating around other  ethers.  She serves on the board of the Dutchess County Arts County and is a member of the Communications faculty at Marist College.

Algonquin Round Table

Dorothy Parker

Anne Lauterbach -  Hum

Dutchess County Arts Council


John Cohen

Dia Beacon

Edward Summers

Ed is presently a presidential fellow at Marist College, having completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the college. He is also a  Ph.D. Candidate for a degree in Urban and Public Policy at Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, a division of The New School. Eddie’s research interest is in the areas of gentrification and the role of race, class, gender and politics, economic and community development. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Catharine Street Community Center, Eleanor Roosevelt at Val Kill, Dutchess Outreach, and the Protect the Dream Youth Programs.

Creative Class and Richard Florida
Leonard Nevarez
Leonard Nevarez received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and joined Vassar's Sociology Department in 1999. His research examines how markets and their cultures transform places, formal organizations, and labor reproduction. He is the author of New Money, Nice Town: How Capital Works in the New Urban Economy and Pursuing Quality of Life: From the Affluent Society to the Consumer Society.
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The uneven intensities of duration: tea and biscuits are set upon our object of
destruction for those acting within the center without our knowledge.
2008, charcoal on paper 38” x 45”
courtesy Charlotte Schulz, via:

Chris is joined by fellow artist Peter Iannarelli (and Bobby the canine) to visit the studio of Beacon artist (soon to be Newburgh), Charlotte Schulz and find out what's at the heart of her intricately crafted charcoal drawings.  Meet yer Maykr is a  series of posts published by Chris on   This visit to Charlotte's studio is the first audio incarnation of the series.

The work on on Charlotte's studio walls, nearly completed ( The works all have the working title "The Impossibility of Keeping Borders"):

A sketchbook page on the wall.

Charlotte and Peter cracking each other up.

Items mentioned in today's conversation:


Gaston Bachelard's Poetics of Space:  on Google books ; on Amazon

M - Theory:  #1 , #2,  Membranes

Ann Hollander’s book Moving Pictures

What Do Pictures Want?  The Lives and Loves of Images by WJT Mitchell.

The reference to the quote “objects are just very very slow events” comes from Bard CCS Graduate Program Director, Johanna Burton’s talk at SVA as part of the school’s MFA Art Criticism and Writing Lecture series (released on 2/28/11)

The show wraps up with Matthew and Chris mentioning the current plight of Ai Wei Wei, the chinese artist who has been held by the Chinese government, without any word on this whereabouts or condition for 16 days.   For the latest on Ai Wei Wei's predicament, visit

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Show 4 is coming at you! This week our focus has moved across the river to the Samuel Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz as we expand our conversations throughout the Hudson Valley.  We start off talking to Greg Slick and Karlos Carcamo, the visiting curators of the Illustrious Mr. X: Museum Collection as a Character Study presently taking place at the museum.  Many of you will know Greg and Karlos from their well received efforts at Go North Gallery which closed in 2008.  You'll also get to hear their response of our interview with Mr. X in Show #3.  We then spend sometime discussing the efforts of the museum with curator Brian Wallace.  Celebrating their 10 years anniversary, Brian provides some incite in the way he organizes shows, the history of the museum and the role of the curator.  Oh, we are excited.

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Photograph by Lori Grinker
Lori Grinker: Nisbai in the Two-Room Apartment She Shares with Ten Family Members

courtesy: Fovea Exhibitions

Indeed, We've made it to Show Three.  This week we speak with Stephanie Heimann, co founder and director of Fovea Exhibitions in Beacon, NY, and Lori Grinker whose photographs of displaced Iraqi refugees comprise the exhibit Nothing Like My Home:  The Iraqi Refugee Crisis which is on view through May 8th.  A panel discussion relating to the exhibit is scheduled at Fovea on April 9th.

Matthew and Chris also interview a mysterious Mr. X who claims to be the Illustrious Mr. X whose life is the subject of the eponymously named exhibit curated by Greg Slick and Karlos Carcamo at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY through July 17, 2011.

Here' the rundown of this week's show:

Dead Hare Theme -  The erthlyngz

Koo Jeong A, A Reality Upgrade & End Alone, 2003/2010. Rhinestones. “Koo Jeong A: Constellation Congress,” Dia:Beacon, Beacon, NY. Dia Art Foundation. Courtesy the artist. Photo credit: Cathy Carver.

Matthew and Chris chat about the Koo Jeong A installation of two works at Dia:Beacon entitled A Reality Upgrade & End Alone (2003/2010) which are part of a group of works that constitute Koo Jeong A:  Constellation Congress, and exhibit spanning three locations.


Vivian Jacobson's talk earlier in the week at SUNY New Paltz on Marc Chagall and the influential women in his life, followed by a panel discussion which included Jacobson, Rik Rydent, Gary Ferdman and Dorsky Curator Brian Wallace about the largely unknown  two and a half years Chagall spent in High Falls, NY living with Virginia Haggard and creating prolifically. There is an effort afoot to raise support for a Chagall in the Hudson Valley exhibit to be held at theSamuel Dorsky Museum of Art .  Expect more on this in the future.

The fearsome foursome twins DHRH show id - m.a.c.

Matthew talks about the upcoming  panel on the role of art and media in the community:

April 20th 5:30 - 7pm

at the Cunneen Hackett Theatre 12 Vassar St.

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601




Chris' interviews with Stephanie Heimann and Lori Grinker.


courtesy: Fovea Exhibitions

Lori Grinker speaking during her gallery talk at Fovea on feb 12, 2011


Chelsea Street Walk - an audio tour of a handful of Chelsea Galleries.  If you've ever been pocket dialed by someone's cell phone, you'll know what's going on. ...this is just better audio quality.

Chris wonders about photography:

Audio Compression #1 - A 24 minute conversation reduced to just over 3 minutes via indiscriminate edits (arguably without sacrificing the spirit or content of said conversation.

Dead Hare Dream Lanes Show id -  v<o>brainsee

Matthew and Chris venture blindfolded into the hinterlands and some dank location to speak with A (if not The) Mr. X.

Dead Hare in the Trees #1 - The erthlyngz

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