Christopher Albert and Matthew Slaats bring you into the world of visual art and culture in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond. An intermittently produced podcast featuring interviews with artists and curators and featuring sound works.


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A work by Joe Corrozzo.

All aboard this week's show.  Chris and Matthew discuss attending two different events from this past weekend; Matthew, the Creative Time Summit in NYC and Chris, the Beacon Open Studios in Beacon, NY.

Elia Gurna and Peter Iannarelli join Chris on a tour of artist studios at Spire Studios (unfortunately, Peter's contribution to the recording evaporated with much of the days captured audio).

Rick Price's work on view at Mill St. Loft in Beacon, NY

A view of the rained out 1st attempt to present Electric Projected back in August.

While at Mill St Loft's Riverside Gallery, Elia and Chris run into Rick Price, a participant in Electric Windows, who describes the details of the Electric Projected event scheduled for Oct 1, 2011 6p-12a in Beacon. 

Chris speaks with Karlos Carcamo about his impressions of the BOS offerings:

Laura Kaufman

Tess Elliot

Erica Hauser

Beacon Studios (the old Beacon High School)

Ushio Shinohara (who's name Karlos couldn't recall)

Theresa Gooby (Beacon artist and BOS organizer)

Joe Carrozzo  (who Chris repeatedly and erroneously refers to him as Joe Cardozzo)

More works by Joe Carrozzo in his studio at Spire Studios.

Jeri Coppola

Jackie Skrzynski

 Above and below: works by Jackie Skrzynski.

Catherine Welshman

Matt Kinney

Marti Lawrence Wolf

Steve Rossi's studio in Beacon, NY.

Elia and Chris visit Steve Rossi in his studio.

Steve Rossi's studio.

Finally, Matthew and Chris touch briefly on the Creative time Summit, mentioning....

Bo Gehrings body scan portraits

Jean Brennan

Plausible Artworlds

Notice:  A couple of changes are coming to the show.  The Dead Hare Radio Hour is going on a hiatus for the month of October.  Podcast publishing will be on hold during this hiatus.  The 91.3 WVKR broadcast of DHRH will switch from every week to every other week (Tuesdays 5-6p).  After this hiatus, we expect to continue with new content on this bi-weekly schedule. 

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This week is an exciting mix of art talk derived from an event at the Beacon Art Salon that took place earlier in the summer of 2011.

Organized by Stacy Ward Kelly, the Beacon Art Salon was an ongoing series of conversation between artists in the Hudson Valley about their work. The word "was" is important here as the salon is now fading into the ether of history as Stacy has sadly left us for far off places. We wish her good luck.

In what was the last session, Simon Draper and Elia Gurna both talk about their artistic practice. Both are engage in a more direct, participatory way of working that includes the community in the production of their art. Throughout their talk they dig deeply into what it takes to develop such a practice and how they've come to realize the importance of working in these ways.


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For this week's episode, we had hoped to bring you part two of a walking review of the Windows on Main St exhibit in Beacon, NY and which closed this weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative, so Chris sat down at Bank Sq Coffee House to speak with Beacon Artists Steve Rossi and Susan Walsh.

Items discussed in our conversation:

Windows on Main St. 

Before and After, Nicole Ganas' contribution to the Windows on Main St exhibit.


Nicole Ganas

Theresa and Liam Goodman (see below).

Yeah, man.

Sean Breault

The James Kalm Report

Vernissage TV

Cool Hunting

Spencer Finch's work The River That Flows Both Ways at the Highline in NYC.

The de Kooning Retrospective @ MoMA

Philip Glass performing @ MoMA as part of the Carlito Carvalhosa project on view in the museum's atrium through Nov 14, 2011

Installation view of Bedtime Stories. courtesy, Kazumi Tanaka

Chris reads Kazumi Tanaka's artist statement accompanying her exhibit Bedtime Stories at Hudson Beach Glass this past Spring.

Peter Iannarelli describes "Bad Apple", a work of art in Bedtime Stories.

Kazumi Tanaka, Bad Apple, 2011 One apple, plaster, paint, wood.

 Chris also visits Theresa Goodman (Gooby) and Liam Goodman's project for Windows on Main St, Waffles on Main St.

Photos of revelers enjoying their waffles.

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