Christopher Albert and Matthew Slaats bring you into the world of visual art and culture in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond. An intermittently produced podcast featuring interviews with artists and curators and featuring sound works.


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Outside Peter Acheson's studio (2009)

This week's episode is a Thanksgiving - inspired Road Trip Theme as Chris hit the open road last week.

Chris replays Michelle Hyun's reflection on Tony Smith's Highway moment from Dead Hare Radio Episode 28.

Chris reads an excerpt from an nterview with Tony Smith, conducted by Samual Wagstaff in 1966 in which Smith speaks about a revelation had on the NJ Turnpike.   Links to the interview notes as they appear in Minimal Art, edited by Gregory Battcock can be found in pdf form on a Harvard website.  Reference made in Sculpture Since 1945 by Andrew Causey on google books.

Next we eavesdrop on a conversation between Chris and the painter Peter Acheson (on while driving in a cargo van through Massachusetts and Connecticut in a driving rain storm.

Sundry items and folks mentioned by Peter:

Bob Krauss

nu·mi·nous  (nm-ns, ny-)
1. Of or relating to a numen; supernatural.
2. Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place.
3. Spiritually elevated; sublime.

El Greco

Tarkovsky's film Andrei Rublev (Peter said Ivan Rubilev)
Thanks to Vybrainsee for the closing piece. 

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In a time when the idea of alternatives is ever present, we at Dead Hare thought it might be interesting to try to define how an alternative art practice might be defined. How are artists moving away from the art market and tourism focused cultural production. So we reached out to one of the foremost curators delving into these ideas. That being Nato Thompson.

Since January 2007, Nato has organized major projects for Creative Time such as The Creative Time Summit (2009 and 2010), Paul Ramirez Jonas’s: Key to the City(2010), Jeremy Deller’s It is What it is with New Museum curators Laura Hoptman and Amy Mackie (2009), Democracy in America: The National Campaign (2008), Paul Chan’s acclaimed Waiting for Godot in New Orleans (2007) and Mike Nelson’s A Psychic Vacuum with curator Peter Eleey. Previously, he worked as Curator at MASS MoCA where he completed numerous large-scale exhibitions including The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere (2004) with a catalogue distributed by MIT Press. His writings have appeared in numerous publications including BookForum, Frieze, Art Journal, Art Forum, Parkett, Cabinet and The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. The College Art Association awarded him for distinguished writing in Art Journal in 2004. He curated the exhibition for Independent Curators International titled Experimental Geography with a book available by Melville House Publishing. His book Seeing Power: Socially Engaged Art in the Age of Cultural Production is due out by Melville House in January 2012.

After Nato we sat down with Jean Brennan, Steve Rossi, and Angelika Rinnhoffer to flesh out how alternative art practices are being played out in the Hudson Valley.  In this conversation we discuss the why and how a practice like this is established with specific questions about where the need for such a practice is growing and its moral grounding.

Jean Brennan 

Steve Rossi

Angelika Rinnhoffer

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This is our first new show after our hiatus in October.  This episode also marks the first new show produced on our new every-other-week broadcasting/podcasting schedule.  

Chris interviews Michelle Hyun about her curatorial research project Dear Pratella, What do you hear?  Dear Pratella was on view as an exhibition project, 


Sundry items mentioned during today's episode: 
Carsten Seiffert
Hong Kai Wang (we hear an 8 min excerpt of I Am Not A Very Good Extemporaneous Speaker; In Fact, I Am No Speaker At All, 2011 performance* / audio installation, 50:42)
Jakob Kierkgaard  (we hear a 3 min excerpt from Labyrinthitis, 2007 stereo audio installation, 38:10)
Tony Smith's story about experiencing an unfinished portion of the NJ Turnpike. (pg 127-128)

Chris Kubick and Ann Walsh (Double Archive) (we hear a 3 min recorded excerpt of Room Tone, 2007 4-channel audio installation, variable duration)

Steven Reich's Clapping Music  which was part of the exhibit CLAP at the Hessel Museum of Art
Duchamp's Creative Act:
This episode closes with the song Crunge by the Erthlyngz.
Remember, we'll be back in two weeks with a new episode.
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